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We have associates to assist you everywhere in Mexico and in several Latin American countries.

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About Us

Consumidores Anónimos, S.C. is a Mexico-based firm that specializes in doing Mystery Shopping to evaluate the quality of the service and products that a business provides to their clients. The Company was established in 2003 by a group of Marketing professionals with more than 30 years experience. Since then it has expanded to include a skilled and dependable team of shoppers in 90 cities in Mexico and partnerships in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, to name a few.


To our commercial partners, we offer systematic, trustworthy and valuable information about the quality of their service in their locations to provide decision-making tools that guarantee setting a high standard of excellence.Our main objective is to deliver solutions that exceed expectations of their performance through the perspective of those they serve. That is the reason why we are “Your Clients’ Point of View”.To our associates We challenge and motivate them to pursue their professional goals so, together, we can accomplish our mission to satisfy our customers’ needs.


To be the most dynamic Marketing strategists in our domestic and international markets as well as to grow hand in hand with our commercial partners.

About Us



We are committed to our customers to always perform with ETHICS, DISCIPLINE and HONESTY.


We work with PASSION to guarantee our shoppers’ and customers’ quality standards.


We work together to create an environment based on TRUST and RESPECT.



  • Evaluations using Mystery Shopping

    The technique by which specifically trained agents called Mystery Shoppers visit your locations undercover, passing as clients, to evaluate your personnel, service and products.

  • Online audits

    We have mobile software that can be used by our shoppers or your personnel to audit your service or products at your locations.

  • QR Code-based customer satisfaction and exit surveys

    Using a QR code for each of your locations, it is possible to obtain instant customer satisfaction surveys through our platform’s Dragon reports. In addition, we offer exit surveys at your location using mobile devices.

  • Benchmarking

    Our Mystery Shoppers visit and audit your competitors to learn how your company stands compared to them in quality of service and products.

  • Employee Training and Development

    We offer qualified training for your employees in the area of customer service to increase productivity and identify skill gaps.

  • Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

    Our program compiles comments and reviews about your company and locations found on up to 50 social media websites.

  • Monitor Mystery Shopping in real-time

    Through this platform, your customers can make “real time” comments about their visit to your locations.

  • Action Plan

    This Instant Data platform generates a report about negative responses that results from the Mystery Shoppers’ visits and audits of your locations. This allows your company to put in place corrective measures more efficiently.

  • Electronic recordings during evaluations

    We can electronically record audio and/or video during the evaluations using the latest technologies.



Our professional team of associates works with companies in search of achieving excellence in their service and products. Some Markets we service include:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Wine and Liquor Stores
  • Computer Equipment and software sales
  • Automobile Dealers
  • Gas Stations
  • Telemarketing
  • Hotels
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Our team of Mystery Shoppers is selected in accordance with the profile required for each project. They receive specific training to enable them to perform their role within guidelines during the visits as well as when reporting results.

Our Leadership team offer Mystery Shoppers the support, direction, general specifications and follow-ups to obtain the most trustworthy and reliable results for our customers every time.

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  • Consumidores Anónimos, S.C.
    Bosque de Ciruelos #190 B-303, Col. Bosques de las Lomas, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo
    C.P. 11700, Ciudad de México, MÉXICO
  • Phones:
    +52 55 5281 2484
    +52 55 5281 3667
    800 590 3666
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