In reference to the benefits for Clients and for Shoppers.




1. How can Mystery Shoppers help a company?


  • Helps identify improvements that are necessary.
  • Generates more sales to satisfied customers .
  • Identifies the quality of your service.
  • Shows the customer\'s opinion of your company.
  • Aids in keeping old customers and attracting new ones.
  • Keeps staff in control.


2. How do Mystery Shoppers adapt to your company's needs?

Consumidores Anónimos, S.C. studies and evaluates your business to create a program that will work just for you. No two projects are alike. We adapt to your requirements.

3. Are prices the same for all our clients?

No. Each client is unique to us.

4. How long does a Mystery Shopper program last?

At least one year. During that period of time we will help you identify what areas need improvement and you can start making the changes required. At that point we can reevaluate your position and decide how to proceed.

5. Can Mystery Shoppers become a substitute for supervisors?

Yes, especially for companies with more than 10 branches. You will need to hire one Mystery Shopper program to evaluate all branches. Mystery Shoppers are appropriate for franchises, too.

6. Will Mystery Shopper service improve my company?

Of course, because the service will produce data and information necessary to implement new controls and make improvements.

Mystery Shopper

1. What is the job of a MS?

To evaluate the quality standards and policies of a customer like he was a real client.

2. Is it a permanent job?

No, It is on need based, we depend on our customer need and dates.

3. What do I need to be part of the Cosumidores Anónimos team?

Just get in touch with us thru email, telephone or social networks and leave your information (Name, City, telephone and age). The moment we have shops to do we will contact you.

4. What do I have to do during the shops?

To act as a real client, evaluating the quality standards, to do so you will receive training depending on the project that it was assigned.

5. When do I have to do the shop visits?

You will have to agree with our logisitcs coordinator the date and the time.


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